When old things accumulate at home, we usually throw them away or take them to the country house, to the village. Then they end up in landfills, where, along with many other substances, they remain untreated for many years.

In response, we offer a number of methods to give old things a new life or find a completely different purpose.

There are some recycling tips when it comes to old clothes or textiles.

If they are in good condition:

Give them to family and friends or donate them to charities, churches and shelters. If you just want to update them and diversify your wardrobe, you can get completely new clothes by changing minimal details. Often times old clothes are worn out or the fabric is damaged, you can give them a completely different purpose and use them as cleaning products, warm blankets for pets and to keep stray animals warm.


What items can be recycled?
If you're trying to make something useful out of your recycling, you might be surprised at how many things you can creatively reuse. Even a simple plastic bottle can be turned into a flower pot, bird feeder, and more. So never think that the only possible purpose of an item is trash. Below you will find all the things that you have at home and were about to throw away.

Glass bottles Plastic bottles, paper rolls (from kitchen towels and toilet paper), clothes, books, plastic pots, corks, egg cartons, shoe boxes, old and damaged tiles, bottle caps, mailing envelopes, CDs and DVDs, lamps, Christmas trees and carpets.

Landfilling of all the above-mentioned items together causes, first of all, environmental pollution, air poisoning and soil destruction.

Take care of the environment, don't throw away, recycle!

Article Author Vestel Georgia, 2023-01-27