Dishwasher is an appliance that holds a special place in the kitchen. Instead of hand washing it is possible to leave it to him and save our time and energy. However, we can make using a dishwasher even more comfortable if we use it absolutely correctly and avoid the small mistakes that are often made while using this appliance. Therefore, now we will give you a little insight into what 10 items you should avoid putting in your Dishwasher:

  1. Wooden spoons, cups and cutting boards

Dishwasher detergents contain substances that actively affect wood items. It can remove natural oils used to dry wood items. Getting rid of the oil will cause the item to crack and spoil. That is why it is better not to put them in the washing machine. Instead, rinse them with warm water and do not leave them wet for long.

  1. Cast iron pottery

Cast iron pans are quite durable if we take proper care of them. To prevent the cast iron from oxidizing and the food from sticking, we often put oil on it. Dishwasher completely cleans it from this oil and makes the pan unusable.

Even if your cast iron dish is very dirty and you think a dishwasher is an easy way to clean it, do not use a dishwasher to clean it. 

  1. Aluminum pans and utensils 

If you ever put a disposable aluminum container in the dishwasher, you will see what happens - the aluminum will start to melt and change shape.

The same can be said for your aluminum cookware, pans and baking trays. If aluminum is not anodized, harsh detergents can cause it to corrode. Therefore, we must be as careful as possible with aluminum utensils!

  1. Printed or hand-painted pottery 

Commercial printing techniques on glassware have improved a lot lately, although placing them in a dishwasher is still not always a good idea. Powerful detergents and water jets can stain the dishes in a few washes and you will be left with spoiled utensils. 

  1. Thin plastic containers

Too high a temperature will cause the plastic to melt or rot. That’s why thin plastic containers are also a bad candidate for placing in a dishwasher.

However, if you still need to wash such dishes quickly and with the help of equipment, place them on the top shelf and do not use a high heat drying cycle. After washing, remove them from the dishwasher to dry them naturally.

  1. Kitchen knives

Putting knives in the dishwasher is a pretty big mistake. Detergents often stain the blade of the knife and deprive it of its original function. In addition, hot water and heat melt and change the shape of the knife handles.

But, Vestel’s newer dishwashers have a 3rd basket (also called: Easy Tray), which lets you wash knives as well. This third basket is an extra basket where you can place cutlery and small cups. This feature can be found in models like Vestel D 414 X.

  1. Vintage tableware and fine glass

Vintage, delicate dishes and hand-made glass are very sensitive to heat, so placing them in the dishwasher is not a good idea. However, strong detergents lose their shine.

However, some modern models (for example the D 414 mentioned above) have the steam wash feature. This feature makes the dirt softer, more tender and with the help of high temperature and steam washing it is not possible to wash more fragile dishes as well.

  1. Copper pans and mugs 

Copper pans and mugs are classic and beautiful, but require extra effort to make them shiny and bright. Do not complicate matters by placing them in the dishwasher. Harsh chemicals in dishwashing detergents have a negative effect on them and make them lose their shine.

  1. Nonstick pans

All pots and pans that do not have an adhesive coating should not be placed in the dishwasher. Hot water can cause the dishes to rot, while strong water can break the non-stick coating.

  1. Dishes with paper labels

Dishwashers can remove paper labels. These pieces of paper can be placed in the drain of a dishwasher or stick to other dishes. To prevent clutter, do not wash paper-labeled dishes in the dishwasher.

We hope, These tips will make your relationship with your dishwasher more comfortable.

Article Author , 2021-06-02

Buying and preparing healthy products is one of the most important parts of your daily life. It is no less important to know how to distribute and store the purchased product in the refrigerator properly and as efficiently as possible. Each part of the refrigerator has its individual purpose and specificity. Based on this, we can determine which product is best to place in which section. What is placed in the freezer? Let’s start with the freezer. The freezer is one of the most individual compartments of the refrigerator. The main purpose of the freezer, obviously, is to freeze the product as much as possible and store it for a long time. So, everything we want to keep frozen, regardless the kind of fruit, vegetables, meat or ice itself, should be placed in this section. We can also store certain types of dough in the freezer - layered dough, ready-made pizza, etc.  However, keep in mind - any product in the freezer should be placed in a tight package to protect it from spoilage. It is also best to avoid using glass or aluminum utensils that may shatter or crack.  After all, it is important to turn off and clean this section from time to time.  Top and middle shelves It is always better to place ready-made food on the top and middle shelves; For example: dairy products, semi-finished products and the previous day's leftover dinner. All this should be stored in well-sealed containers to protect it from spoilage. However, it is important to keep such foods away from raw products, so that various harmful bacteria do not reach them. We can also place carbonated drinks or juices on the top shelf. Bottom shelf Raw beef or poultry or fish can be placed on the bottom shelf in the best option. Obviously, these too should be placed in well-lined containers so that they do not touch each other and avoid moisture transfer to other dry products. Vegetable section Fruits and vegetables are best placed in the vegetable section. Before placing in the compartment we must take into an account that all this must be thoroughly washed before storage. However, a similar product should be wrapped in paper or polyethylene bag and left with air permeability to avoid spoiling the product. Specifically, the best way to store lettuce leaves or herbs is to wrap them in a damp cloth and place them in the middle or front of the rack to keep them longer and protect them from drying out. This is because the temperature on the back walls of the refrigerator is the lowest, and contact with them may freeze and spoil the herbs too much. But thanks to the Multi Flow Cooling System in Vestel refrigerators, you can keep your fruits and vegetables fresh for a longer time. The Multi Flow Cooling System allows to cool down all over the refrigerator, by blowing air to all shelves separately. Even if your refrigerator is completely full, this system will have the expected cooling performance. Enjoy delightful dishes with vegetables that will last a long time. Another factor to consider is that placing all fruits and vegetables close together is not advisable. Many fruits, including apples, peaches, plums, pears, melons, etc., release ethylene, which helps them to ripen, so placing these fruits may speed up the ripening and spoilage process in vegetables. To avoid this, it is better to keep fruits and vegetables separately from each other. Here, as a solution we have Maxi Fresh Preserver, thanks to which shelf life of products is increased by eliminating ethylene gas, which is caused by the respiration of fruits and vegetables and which effects negatively on the food getting spoilt. The Door compartment The door compartment is the warmest and most easily accessible part of the refrigerator, so it is better to place the food or drinks there that are least likely to go bad soon and are most resistant to heat. These can be sauces, carbonated drinks, and more.  If you are one of those people who puts eggs and dairy products at the door to make them easily accessible due to their frequent use, we recommend refraining from this - it is better to leave dairy products on the top or middle shelves where they have high temperatures and less chances of spoilage. V-lift door, Vestel refrigerator: NF480EX And because we love this easy-to-access section so much, we can put here the products we are likely to consume as soon as possible. Fortunately, nowadays we can also get fridges with the V-lift. With this V-lift (found in fridge NF480EX, fridge NF480A+ and etc.) of modern refrigerators, we can set the given shelf shelf to the exact height we can afford. V-lift allows you to adjust the location of the door shelf and adjust it yourself. Refrigerators of similar technology are already on sale and can be purchased online.  A small bonus fact about the contents of the refrigerator: some of the new refrigerators have NATURAL ION technology, which means that negative ions through this technology neutralize unpleasant odors and dust particles in the air, and the storage period of fruits and vegetables is doubled! And do not pass by the main thing! Shelf-wise, do not forget that the internal temperature of the refrigerator should preferably range from 2 to 8 degrees Celsius to avoid the spread of harmful bacteria as much as possible.
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Everyone has their own feelings about cooking or kitchen-related chores - some people like it, some people try to avoid it at all costs, and some just can not live without it. However, no matter what attitude you have towards kitchen, there are a few tricks that will make the cooking process even more fun or easier for you. Freeze the coffee You may have already thought about trying this, and if so - it's definitely worth a shot! Freezing your favorite coffee mix in ice cubes is a good way to save time and make the most aromatic cold coffee of all time. Melt the ice cubes made with the coffee mix at any time with a little water and strong, fresh coffee is ready to go! Keep bananas fresh for longer by wrapping the stems To keep the bananas yellow for longer, wrap each stem in polyethylene cellophane. This helps to naturally produce ethylene gas only in the fruit stem, otherwise it will spread all over the banana and speed up the ripening process.  However, there is an easier way to achieve the same goal - Vestel’s new refrigerators Maxi Fresh feature is made exactly for this purpose - It eliminates ethylene successfully, therefore the fruit stays fresh longer.  Use frozen utensils for cold foods and drinks Just as cold beer tastes best and stays colder in a chilled glass, ice cream will be even tastier if you eat it from a frozen bowl. Therefore, keep the ice-cream bowl in the freezer overnight until you decide to use it. Pick the garlic in a container by shaking it If you want to make life easier, place your garlic cloves in a lid container. After shaking well, the skin will move fall off the garlic and will be ready for use. Check the freshness of the egg in a water cup If you do not trust the date on your egg box, glass of water can be used to tell if your eggs are fresh. Fill a tall glass with water, then carefully place the egg inside. If it sinks and stops at the bottom, the egg is fresh, and if it starts to float on the surface of the water it means that some gas has already been released inside it, therefore, the egg is expired.  Heat the pizza on a Frying pan If you are heating a slice of pizza, use a pan. Put the pan on medium heat for one minute, add a few drops of water to steam and close the lid. This will help you heat the pizza perfectly without drying it too much or the trouble of turning on the oven. Our Vestel Solo Cooker Gurme is perfect for the job.  Roll the lemons around to squeeze easily If your lemon is as hard as a stone when you try to squeeze it, you can do this trick: Before cutting them in half, roll them on a wooden board with your hand. This will soften the fruit and make it easier to squeeze whenever you need. Use a muffin tin to cook the best eggs If you want to fry a very tasty egg, fill each cup of muffin tins with a tablespoon of water, then place the egg in each box. Bake at 350 degrees for 10 to 13 minutes. Add avocado, Bulgarian, tomato or any vegetables for a better taste. We hope that from now on, spending time in the kitchen will become even easier and more fun for you.
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On hot summer days, air conditioning system is a dear friend to everyone. However, in order for it to perform its duty well and at the same time waste less electricity, it is important to take care of it properly and to consider some key aspects as well. We will talk about the given aspects in this blog.  Don’t forget the Sleep mode Don’t forget that some air conditioners have a night mode, with which it slows down it’s spinning and finally shuts off at a specific time while you’re sleeping. This helps you sleep better and more relaxed. Place lamps and other heat-generating devices away from the thermostat Having heat generating devices with your thermostats will deceive the airconditioning system that the air in your home is warmer and needs to be cooled more, which will make the system work harder and for longer. Close curtains and blinds during sunny days When direct sunlight hits the windows in your home, closing curtains or blinds can help keep that heat at bay and save on air conditioning effort.  Remember, it’s ok to leave your air conditioner even when you are not at home When there is no one there who can use the generated cold air, the air conditioner emits cold air at a single frequency and works evenly. This means that you should not worry too much if you leave the AC on while out. The system keeps itself from overcooling the room when not needed.  Close the doors To prevent the cold air mass from spreading throughout the house, close the doors to the rooms where you are not currently in. This way you will keep the coolness of the house longer and more stable. Use energy efficient settings Make good use of your energy efficiency settings. The air conditioner has options you may not have heard of before, but it does improve the overall efficiency of the equipment and reduce energy consumption. The higher the temperature while cooling, the lower the energy consumption. For example the Flora Inverter model, which has a timer, turbo and sleep modes, and etc. Hopefully, as the weather warms up and each of us start using air conditioners actively, these tips will help you keep your air conditioning system at least a little healthier and spend the summer calm and cool.
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One of the appliances that makes our daily lives easier is the washing machine. As a result, a lot of attention should be paid while choosing it, especially because you will most likely live with it for many years. It is critical to know your exact needs before making a selection when purchasing a washing machine. For that reason, we've compiled a list of 5 things to think about before purchasing a washing machine. Keep an eye on the load capacity.  If you have a large family, you'll need a washing machine that can manage a larger load, but if you're single or have a small family, a small load washing machine will do, which will save you money. Pay special attention to the washing machine's settings. Many fully automatic washing machines include multiple programs for different sorts of laundry, such as delicate, laundry, jeans, and wool washing, among others. Choose a washing machine based on the features that are most important to your lifestyle and your comfort. And while we’re on the topic of comfort, if the washing machine noise is your biggest pet peeve, there are models that make almost no noise, such as Vestel’s quietest model - WB812G - which’s loudness is only 39DB. Keep a close eye on the model's rotation cycles. It's vital to have a spin cycle with indicated types of rotations, depending on the sort of fabric and apparel you wish to wash. A washing machine should have a lot of options of cycles. if. you want to wash delicate clothes it should be done on 300-500 rotation a minute, and heavier clothes should be washed with an option of 1000 spins a minutes. Knowing this will make it easier for you to know which is the right model for your needs. For example if you always wash heavy, strong material things W1014 TDS would be a great model for you, which has 1400 rpm and can handle any type of clothes thoroughly.  Keep in mind that an energy-efficient washing machine is preferable. How effective is your washing machine in terms of energy and water conservation? A cost-effective washing machine saves money in the long term. Pay attention to the rating; washing machines range from A +++ (most efficient) to D (least efficient). A washing machine with A +++ rating is the most environmentally friendly. A great example of this is the WB914L - the most efficient model with pyroject technology.  Check to see if the washing machine has a dryer. If you have a busy lifestyle and don't have time to dry your clothes, the washing machine's built-in dryer may be a viable alternative. You will save both time and energy by doing so. For example you can do this with Vestel’s D 914 GDS - washing machine slash dryer. We hope those advices will make your life easier by helping you make the right decision.
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How to use space in the refrigerator wisely and economically   Summer is when we want everything to be cool and fresh, so refrigerators are as full and stuffed as ever. As a result, the most efficient use of space becomes even more vital at such times. Here are some suggestions to help you save space in your refrigerator:  Organize similar items together so you can view everything at a glance Items that are well-organized assist you to free up more space in your refrigerator. Place identical things one by one on the towers to save space and time searching for them. and if this all piles up, remember there is a feature in newer models called V-shelf tech, which means all glass shelves are designed as tempered. Thanks to special glass shelves that resistant to breakage, you can store your big and heavy food in your fridge with peace of mind. Also Provides more flexible storage room and higher shelf space thanks to the two-part shelf mechanism sliding on each other. V-lift door, Vestel refrigerator: NF480EX   Dedicate one container to easily-expired food and place it on the front of the refrigerator in a conspicuous place How many times have you throw away food just because it expired from being in an unnoticed place in the fridge? Put short-term items together and most importantly in a conspicuous place so you can use it soon, therefore free up more space. Put a date on everything Everything, including new items and rubbish, should be labeled and dated. As if this isn't directly related to space, by labelling and date all goods, you'll unwittingly consume this stuff sooner and free up space for short-term food. You can use paper clips to hang a portion of the merchandise on the shelf You can use paper clips to hang a light item on the partition shelf so that the space between the shelves is not wasted. 5. Use dividers in your drawers  You can get more space in the bottom drawer if you add dividers. Dividers help you organize and at the same time ensure that at the same time you avoid taking up space as much as possible while avoiding stacking products. We hope this advices help you have the cooler and happier summer this year.
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Houseplants are known for their health benefits. They clean, filter, and synthesize fresh oxygen, which is vital to our survival. Especially during the summer, when it is really hot.  Even thought the Vestel's IACHR67FMDN air conditioner is the greatest option for keeping the air fresh and cold in your home, we'd like to introduce you to a few useful plants:  Aloe - The aloe plant is an excellent choice for the home. In addition to the fact that it has foreign leaves and makes the interior of the house more sophisticated, it is easy to take care of. The benefits of aloe are known to everyone: it is useful for healing wounds, burns and detoxification of the body. In addition, with the help of brown spots on its leaves, it can detect harmful chemicals in the air. Ordinary Ivy - Ivy is another easy-to-grow plant with unique properties. Scientists have rated the ivy as the best house plant for air filtration. It is also the most famous house plant for formaldehyde filtering. Ficus - Ficus perfectly cleans the air. The plant requires minimal care, thrives in poor lighting and cool climates. Ficus effectively removes toxins from the air and promotes the production of pure oxygen in the home.  Red-throated Dracaena - this beautiful plant is perfect for decorating your home, also it has many useful properties. This plant is ideal for removing toxins such as xylene, trichlorethylene and formaldehyde from the air. These substances pose a threat to our health, so we need to clean the house from them.  Snake Plant - The snake plant is a type of Dracaena that is an unusual choice for the home because, unlike other plants, it actively secretes oxygen at night. This strangely shaped plant will make your interior more sophisticated. also it does not need much water and light and is easy to grow. Aside or with the plants, Vestel’s new air conditioners will help you keep the air fresh in your home very easily. Most importantly, there are current sales ongoing on specific models, and for any kind of air conditioner - after the purchase, we’ll install it for you free of charge. We hope these tips help you spend a pleasant and cool summer.
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This summer has been one of the hottest summers and we all think about cooling down almost continuously. That’s why we have prepared some clever and simple ways to help you keep your home cool. Close the curtains Always try to close the curtains in all rooms, especially on the north and west windows, so that less sunlight can come in and house will keep cool during the day.  Dehumidifying feature If you have an air conditioner and use it actively, do not miss the Dehumidifying feature which a number of new air conditioners do have, one example of this is Vestel’s IACHR67FMDN. because it reduces the humidity level in the room, which easily reduces the feeling of stuffy air.  Choose a cool fabric Cotton textiles are the most breathable fabric and help keep your body cool. Wear light, loose-fitting clothing that will be made from natural fabrics like cotton. It's also a good idea to choose natural cotton linens for your bed.  Replace the light bulbs If you're having difficulties cooling your home and aren't sure why, it could be the light bulbs. Non-energy efficient light bulbs produce a lot of heat, so replacing them with energy efficient bulbs will help you cool your home and save energy.   Close the doors Closing unused rooms will prevent the cool air from escaping during hot periods in areas of the house where you are less likely to be present during the day. In the evening it is good to cool the whole house in a natural way.   Wish you a chill and happy summer. and for those who are looking for air conditioners right now, you could check out our previous blog about 6 things you should know before buying one. 
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During the summer, homemade ice cream fresh from your fridge is the perfect way to stay cool. This ice cream recipe is the easiest and most delicious homemade recipe. You’ll get smooth and creamy vanilla ice cream in your refrigerator with just five simple ingredients. Most importantly, this ice cream can be made without an ice cream maker! all you need is a couple of types of dishes and a fridge.  Let’s get started! The ingredients are as follows: 1¾ cup of cream 1¼ cup of milk ¾ A cup of sugar ⅛ Teaspoon salt 1 tablespoon vanilla extract Optional: 2 cups of topping - soft brownies, rolls, or crushed cookies. Pour the cream into the pot and add sugar, salt. Add a little or half of the vanilla extract, it will be good to add the vanilla stick if you like. Put the mixture on medium heat and stir until the sugar dissolves. Remove from the heat and add the remaining cream, milk and vanilla extract. Stir to combine the masses. Then put it in the fridge to cool. Remove the mix from the refrigerator in half an hour and stir. Remove the vanilla stick (if used), move the finished ice cream to the bowl of choice and place it in the Vestel’s best freezer. After 1 hour, you can decorate the ice cream with crushed cookies if you wish and enjoy a delicious dessert! The best option with the best cooling for this is Vestel’s fridge NFC350 A+ and Vestel’s fridge NF500EX. Bon Appetit!
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Let's face it: we know that a washing machine will "look after itself" and clean itself. Especially Vestel washing machines have perfect cleaning system to protect you from bacterias and viruses, including from Covid with special features. Yet, all washing machines need maintaining and cleaning still. The inside of the washing machine gets dirty for various reasons such as the dirt accumulating in it over time, the dirty water remaining in some parts even though we can't see it, or keeping wet laundry in the machine for a long time. If the washing machine is not cleaned properly, this can cause even the laundry to smell bad. Therefore cleaning and maintaining the washing machine is quite necessary. Today, we'll show you 5 easy ways to do that. Clean the door of the washing machine Make sure to clean the washing machine's door with a little vinegar or a damp cloth. Cleaning the washing machine is vital because it collects particles of clothing, various textiles, food, or materials. However, don't use a hard brush or other cleaning supplies since it will scratch and harm the door surface. Clean the soft part of the door with a brush The soft / rubber part of the door can be easily cleaned with a brush. This will easily remove dirt, excess particles, and grease from the laundry. Vinegar should be used to disinfect the inside To do this, fill the space allocated for liquid detergent with a glass and a half of vinegar and put the washing machine (without clothes) on the cleaning or any hot mode. Vinegar will sanitize the internal parts and will quickly remove any residual soap or detergent particles. For optimal cleaning, add soda to the case Put 1/3 cup of baking soda in the detergent area and turn on the washing machine in hot mode. It effectively fights detergent and clothing residues. But Keep in Mind!  When vinegar and soda are drunk together, they neutralize each other. Instead, use soda one month and vinegar the next, or vice versa. Clean the detergent drawer with hot water and soap Pull out or completely remove the washing machine detergent drawer. All Vestel models’ detergent drawers are completely removable, which makes it easier to clean them. Leave it in soapy hot water for a while. Then thoroughly brush it until it’s completely clean and finally rinse it. It’s this easy to have your washing machine looking as fresh as new. 
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You don’t have to have a large space in order for the kitchen to be as compact as possible. The main thing is to arrange everything correctly and cleverly. Here are 5 simple tricks that will help you smartly arrange your small kitchen.   Do not install the kitchen island  The kitchen island takes up a lot of space in the kitchen, instead, it is better to have a typical dining table (better to have it in the same color as the wall), so the space will appear larger and less crowded.   Use built-in equipment Built-in appliances save a lot of space in the kitchen and are visually pleasing. Therefore, in case of appliances such as washing machines, dishwashers, etc, it is better to consider the built-in option. A very wide selection of similar equipment has long been available at Vestel and you can purchase it now.  When choosing equipment, take the size into consideration In addition to the other requirements you may have, it is important to consider the dimensions of the equipment for a small space kitchen from the beginning. We all know this, but it is easy to forget it when looking at a lot of options to buy a new item. Vestel offers a variety of options whether you have a small kitchen or a large one.    Use up the wall space Hanging different items on the wall saves a lot of space in a small kitchen. Hang knives, utensils, kitchen towels, and other items on the wall and save space efficiently.   Look for items that you no longer use There are many items in the kitchen that we use very rarely or not at all - jams that you are not using yet, a set of knives that you do not actively use, perfume jars, and more. Always keep such items in drawers so that they take up less space on tables or shelves and create more space visually.   You'll find that saving space makes life easier and that you'll love your kitchen more. We hope you find these tips to be useful in that process.
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On hot summer days, a soft drink is the best solution. You can easily prepare a healthy smoothie from natural fruits at home and start a real vacation. Here is a recipe for a strawberry delicious smoothie:   2 cups frozen/plain strawberries 1 piece of banana ¼ A cup of yogurt 1 cup milk (or almond milk or oat milk) 1 ½ Tablespoon maple syrup, honey, or agave syrup. (Optional) ½ A glass of ice. Optional: ¼Teaspoon vanilla, fresh mint leaves, or basil leaves. Place the strawberries in a blender, add the bananas, yogurt, and milk. Crush the ice cubes as well and add to the blender. Turn on the blender and whisk until a creamy mass is obtained. Then put it in cups and put in a fridge for a while. Vestel’s fridge NF500EX is perfect for this with a freezer Camera from -16°c to -24°c  it will keep the smoothie cold and fresh for the longest time.   Bon Appetit! 
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As autumn sets in, the menu of culinary lovers becomes more and more varied. Today we want to share a recipe perfect for autumn. And most importantly it’s really easy: Ingredients: 225g flour 2 tsp baking powder 1 tbsp ground cinnamon 100g sugar 50g brown sugar 200g mashed pumpkin puree 2 eggs 125g melted butter   First, mix the dry ingredients: flour, baking powder, cinnamon, sugar of both kinds. Mix well. Then mix the pumpkin puree and eggs in a separate bowl. and add the mix to the mix of dry ingredients and melted butter. Whisk it until combined. Preheat the oven to 200C/180 degrees. Place the mix in special muffin holder forms and put it in the oven for 15 minutes. Muffins should turn golden-colored when cooked. When ready, take out the muffins, let them cool down and enjoy!
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