At first glance, Vestel's mega factory looks more like a city than an ordinary factory. The largest factory complex in Europe, stretching over one million square meters, is one of the most distinctive components of Vestel, and it is from here that our customers' homes are supplied with high-quality household appliances every day. However, this space is much more than just assembly lines with machinery and gigantic buildings designed for the process. Thousands of people work in shifts every day to bring you the outstanding quality and experience that Vestel has been implementing for years.

The Vestel City, as the complex of factories is called, is located in western Turkey near the city of Manisa. The general area is enclosed within the boundaries of a square shape, the length and width of which is 1 kilometer, and the complex itself consists of 7 main buildings. All seven giant pavilions are designed as a production network, although each of them serves a different purpose. Every day, 75,000 home appliance samples roll out of Vestel's factory complex, tens of thousands of televisions, refrigerators, ovens, dishwashers and washing machines are assembled from start to finish in one full day, and all this can only be achieved with an orderly production and distribution line.

However, in the Vestel City, everything is not done in a monotonous and standardized way, as a foreign eye may perceive at first glance. Day-to-day dynamism, innovation and foresight determine Vestel's success and help strengthen its competitive position in the industry.

As an example, we can consider the work practices of one of the largest facilities of the seven building complex - the TV factory. Vestel City produces 45,000 units of televisions per day, and that number is not just about size. The assembly process of TV sets does not start directly in the specific TV factory unit, but the planning process starts at the headquarters several months, maybe even a year in advance. Vestel's research and development team constantly monitors the market to study trends, take into account market dynamics and predict where consumer preferences will be headed in the coming months and years, so that the production process can be started before, rather than when the market is ready to accept the innovation. This type of planning helps Vestel to be relevant in the consumer market, to conduct experiments in the early phase and to obtain the most effective results in terms of both product sales and customer satisfaction. In the case of televisions, technology is evolving so rapidly that the research and development team is constantly working to innovate. One trade can be freely replaced by an innovative technological novelty in half a year, and Vestel is always ready for such challenges. After the concept of a new product is formed, a prototype is made, on which teams of professionals work for months. After the product is perfected, it begins to be tested in real household conditions. And in case of successful completion of all stages, the product enters the production line. This is where the working day of the largest part of the Vestel team begins.

From raw materials to product packaging and preparation for shipment, every step of production in the factory is carried out with utmost precision and the highest quality. The basic work of creating any Vestel appliance begins with the highest quality raw materials collected from tens of thousands of suppliers. Despite the fact that a large part of the factory is automated, human hands are involved in practically all parts, because at Vestel we believe that the quality control of modern equipment and keeping up with the pace of technical development of household items definitely requires a humans’ touch. Tens of thousands of employees work continuously for 2 shifts from the moment the factory opens, so that the product that ends up in your apartment is of the best quality and technical characteristics.

Each of the 7 workspaces is an independent giga-factory. They were designed and built slowly over the years, but everything started in 1998, when the first factory building was erected in this area. Even then and today, refrigerators are manufactured in this unit, however, unlike the initial days, today the Vestel factory can produce 9,000 units of refrigerators per day. Along with refrigerators and televisions, you'll find a selection of stoves, dishwashers, and clothes washers and other home appliances in Vestel City's various units. Vestel's work team successfully fulfills the daily quota, and at the end of the day, the products are ready for departure.

With the help of special transport equipment and trailers, the equipment manufactured and packed during the day is placed and transported to the point of departure. In Izmir - Turkey's third-largest port, Vestel containers gather to supply the markets of more than 130 countries with equipment.


Article Author Vestel Georgia, 2023-01-18