How to use space in the refrigerator wisely and economically


Summer is when we want everything to be cool and fresh, so refrigerators are as full and stuffed as ever. As a result, the most efficient use of space becomes even more vital at such times. Here are some suggestions to help you save space in your refrigerator:

  1.  Organize similar items together so you can view everything at a glance

Items that are well-organized assist you to free up more space in your refrigerator. Place identical things one by one on the towers to save space and time searching for them.

and if this all piles up, remember there is a feature in newer models called V-shelf tech, which means all glass shelves are designed as tempered. Thanks to special glass shelves that resistant to breakage, you can store your big and heavy food in your fridge with peace of mind. Also Provides more flexible storage room and higher shelf space thanks to the two-part shelf mechanism sliding on each other.

V-lift door, Vestel refrigerator: NF480EX


  1. Dedicate one container to easily-expired food and place it on the front of the refrigerator in a conspicuous place

How many times have you throw away food just because it expired from being in an unnoticed place in the fridge? Put short-term items together and most importantly in a conspicuous place so you can use it soon, therefore free up more space.

  1. Put a date on everything

Everything, including new items and rubbish, should be labeled and dated. As if this isn't directly related to space, by labelling and date all goods, you'll unwittingly consume this stuff sooner and free up space for short-term food.

  1. You can use paper clips to hang a portion of the merchandise on the shelf

You can use paper clips to hang a light item on the partition shelf so that the space between the shelves is not wasted.

5. Use dividers in your drawers 

You can get more space in the bottom drawer if you add dividers. Dividers help you organize and at the same time ensure that at the same time you avoid taking up space as much as possible while avoiding stacking products.

We hope this advices help you have the cooler and happier summer this year.

Article Author Vestel Georgia, 2021-06-29