Everyone has their own feelings about cooking or kitchen-related chores - some people like it, some people try to avoid it at all costs, and some just can not live without it. However, no matter what attitude you have towards kitchen, there are a few tricks that will make the cooking process even more fun or easier for you.

  1. Freeze the coffee

You may have already thought about trying this, and if so - it's definitely worth a shot! Freezing your favorite coffee mix in ice cubes is a good way to save time and make the most aromatic cold coffee of all time. Melt the ice cubes made with the coffee mix at any time with a little water and strong, fresh coffee is ready to go!

  1. Keep bananas fresh for longer by wrapping the stems

To keep the bananas yellow for longer, wrap each stem in polyethylene cellophane. This helps to naturally produce ethylene gas only in the fruit stem, otherwise it will spread all over the banana and speed up the ripening process. 

However, there is an easier way to achieve the same goal - Vestel’s new refrigerators Maxi Fresh feature is made exactly for this purpose - It eliminates ethylene successfully, therefore the fruit stays fresh longer.

  1.  Use frozen utensils for cold foods and drinks

Just as cold beer tastes best and stays colder in a chilled glass, ice cream will be even tastier if you eat it from a frozen bowl. Therefore, keep the ice-cream bowl in the freezer overnight until you decide to use it.

  1. Pick the garlic in a container by shaking it

If you want to make life easier, place your garlic cloves in a lid container. After shaking well, the skin will move fall off the garlic and will be ready for use.

  1. Check the freshness of the egg in a water cup

If you do not trust the date on your egg box, glass of water can be used to tell if your eggs are fresh. Fill a tall glass with water, then carefully place the egg inside. If it sinks and stops at the bottom, the egg is fresh, and if it starts to float on the surface of the water it means that some gas has already been released inside it, therefore, the egg is expired.

  1.  Heat the pizza on a Frying pan

If you are heating a slice of pizza, use a pan. Put the pan on medium heat for one minute, add a few drops of water to steam and close the lid. This will help you heat the pizza perfectly without drying it too much or the trouble of turning on the oven. Our Vestel Solo Cooker Gurme is perfect for the job. 

  1. Roll the lemons around to squeeze easily

If your lemon is as hard as a stone when you try to squeeze it, you can do this trick: Before cutting them in half, roll them on a wooden board with your hand. This will soften the fruit and make it easier to squeeze whenever you need.

  1. Use a muffin tin to cook the best eggs

If you want to fry a very tasty egg, fill each cup of muffin tins with a tablespoon of water, then place the egg in each box. Bake at 350 degrees for 10 to 13 minutes. Add avocado, Bulgarian, tomato or any vegetables for a better taste.

We hope that from now on, spending time in the kitchen will become even easier and more fun for you.

Article Author Vestel Georgia, 2021-06-07