For some preparing dinner is a hobby but for some, it’s a process they hate. No matter which one you may be these tips will make the cooking process easier and more entertaining for you. 

  1. Use a wooden spoon to prevent boiling over.

To prevent boiling over while cooking, as soon as you notice it’s starting to - place a wooden spoon across the rim - This will make the boiling water stay put.

  1. Use rubbing alcohol on stainless steel

Rubbing alcohol is great for cleaning stainless steel - it will leave your stove spotless.  

  1. Microwave dish towel to get rid of fish smell

If. you recently microwaved a dinner with delicious fish, but the smell stayed in there forever, here’s a trick - put some dish soap on the dishrag, heat it up for a few minutes. Then leave it in there for a few minutes. Lastly, wipe down the microwave walls with it, and voila - no more fish smell. 

  1. Use salt if you spilled eggs

If while cooking you dropped an egg (it happens) - while wiping it up put salt on the remaining parts and let it sit for a while - salt absorbs the egg whites amazingly! 

  1. Wash potatoes in the dishwasher 

Using a dishwasher for vegetables that are tough to wash is a great idea. Put potatoes in there, do not put the soap in, and just let it wash with a simple rinsing cycle. 

We hope these tips will make your life easier and let you enjoy cooking more! 

Article Author Vestel Georgia, 2021-10-15