Placing a TV in a room is a seemingly hassle-free operation, but more mistakes can be made than you realize. When arranging a room, it is easy to get distracted by many details, design elements, or other factors, which often results in us not paying much attention to TV placement and ending up in any corner of the room. Such a decision could cause some discomfort in the future and it's best to plan your equipment wisely beforehand.


First of all, you have to consider the height, distance, and angle of the TV. It is important to know how high you should sit when watching TV. It is a common mistake to put or hang the TV from a standing position, at this time we often watch the TV upside down, causing eyes, neck, and headaches. If the TV must be mounted higher than the wall, move it a little forward so that you can see the screen directly from a viewing point without raising your head up.


You should choose the size of the TV according to the room area and the viewing distance. Putting a large TV in a small space is not a good decision and similarly, the opposite is unpleasant. For example, if we are talking about a 66cm diagonal (26 inches) TV, a distance of 1-1.5 meters is enough for comfortable viewing. 102cm (40inch) TV case can be placed between 1.5-2.8m from the viewing area, 165cm (65inch) it is recommended to maintain a minimum distance of 2.5m for maximum viewing pleasure Uri separation, in this case, is up to 4.3 meters. 

If you have windows in a room, consider incoming light when choosing a TV angle, especially if the window faces west. It is recommended not to put the TV directly on it, because you cannot escape the reflections of the setting sun. Also, for more light control, any type of curtain or blind will help to reduce reflections on the TV screen. 


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Article Author Vestel Georgia, 2022-10-11