What should you do when you don't have the time (or the desire) to go to the stove in the morning and prepare traditional New Year's dishes? Or, if your masterchef cooking skills are as far away from you as Santa in Lapland? But despite that, do you really want to set the New Year's table with delicious and beautiful dishes?

The solution is simple: you need to prepare simple and interesting New Year's dishes and think of a menu in advance. A creative approach is definitely the best solution for those who don't have the time and nerves to mess around in the kitchen for a long time.

We will help you prepare a New Year's menu with minimalistic, simple and delicious dishes! Here are some tips that will help you surprise family members and guests.


Based on the fact that the New Year's table should be rich and varied, we will share some dishes with you. which will make your New Year's Eve appetizing and delicious.


  1. Salad with arrowroot and dried black plums

A very simple salad with an original and unique taste that can be prepared in just 5 minutes and is perfect for a festive table. The main ingredient that creates an interesting taste is shashki and dried plums. Therefore, it is important to choose the right rifle.


Cut the onion and cucumber into oblong pieces. On the plate, place the shishka as the first layer, then - mayonnaise, cucumber, mayonnaise again. Top with a thickly grated hard-boiled egg, salt and pepper. Repeat the mayonnaise layer again. Finely chop the dried black plums and then spread them in a layer. Grate the cheese (cheddar, parmesan, or sulguni) and the festive salad is ready. Eat after 20-30 minutes of preparation, so that the flavors of the dish are well balanced.

  1. Cheese and meat board

The easiest and fastest way to entertain unexpected guests is a cheese and meat board, which is very suitable for a festive table and especially for wine. Sausages and sausages should be cut very thinly. Choose from different types of sausages and sausages. Of course, you can also buy meat products already cut, packaged. You can cut the cheese into small cubes. Honey, nuts and fruits (grapes, pears, strawberries) will also be good for the board.

  1. Roll with red fish

It is a simple, beautiful and nutritious dish. you will need

1 in thin lava

250 g. melted cheese

200 g. Norwegian salmon

20 g. Parsley

20 g. green onion

20 g. Lettuce leaf

15 ml. lemon juice


Wash and dry the herbs. Finely chop parsley and green onion and mix with melted cheese. Mix the mass well and add lemon juice. Apply the mixture to the lavash, lay thin slices of Norwegian salmon, and put dry lettuce leaves on top. Roll it into a roll shape and cut into portions. To prevent the rolls from falling apart, you can tie them with green onion sticks.


  1. Caviar appetizer

Caviar appetizer is foreign, beautiful and very tasty. Only a few ingredients are needed to prepare it: caviar, avocado, bread, cucumber and cream cheese.


Blend the avocado and place in a small, clear glass bowl. Top with caviar. Separately, grate the bread (preferably cut into rounds). Spread cream cheese on the crusted bread, arrange thin slices of cucumber and make it in several layers. Decorate the New Year's table with a delicious and healthy appetizer.

  1. Dessert: marshmallow cake without baking

Simple New Year's dishes do not mean only khemis and salads. There are many beautiful, delicious and easy dessert recipes, such as no-bake marshmallow cake. You will need to prepare it

3 ready-made cookie sheets that you can buy at the store

300-400 g. Zephyr

300 g. Waffle stick

500 ml. Fatty cream (33%) for whipping

100 g. Sugar powder

jam and fruit

You can use different candies for decoration.


Beat the cooled cream with powdered sugar to get a thick and firm cream mass. Spread the cream on the first biscuit layer, then place the marshmallows cut in half on it. Fill open areas with cream. Cover with a second layer of biscuit, again with cream and a layer of marshmallows. Put the third biscuit layer on top and spread the cream on all sides. Attach the waffle sticks tightly to the sides to create a fence-like visual. Decorate the cake with fruits and candies.

If you have children at home, you can very easily take care of their New Year's mood and make an original dessert with cookies.


For this you will need bird's milk, biscuits, jelly bears, colorful candies, powdered sugar for decoration and some melted white chocolate.

Preparing dishes for your New Year's table on Vestel built-in ovens or gas stoves is a much more pleasant and easy process.


Happy New Year!

Article Author Vestel Georgia, 2022-12-21