Remember how many times you have thrown a favorite item or clothes with stains from different products. We are sure this situation has occurred more than once in your life. Spots are really an integral part of our lives, but the main thing is to know how to care for them. That's why we wanted to share some simple and interesting ways to deal with different types of stains. 

1. Coffee stains 

If you drink coffee every day, there is a big chance that the stains will appear on your clothes. Don't worry, try to squeeze your clothes, then mix warm water, dish soap, and white vinegar. Use a clean white cloth and soak it in a solution to clean the stain. 

2. Wine stains

For wine stains, there is a stain remover product. However, if you don't have any products on hand, make your own stain remover by mixing equal parts of hydrogen stain and dish soap. 

3. Oil and grease stains.

Everyone knows how difficult it is to remove grease stains from clothes. The key to getting rid of them is to soak up the fat first and discard as much powder as you can, such as baking soda, baby powder, or cornstarch. 

4. Paintbrushes 

Act fast! Once the water-based paint dries it doesn't fade. If it's still wet, rinse the paint with lukewarm water, then rinse as usual. Oil-based polish and paint stain with paint, then wash, rinse with stain remover and wash. 

5. Ink stain 

A plain white toothpaste on the thrown surface then lathers the tissue to remove the stain. Put on warm water and wash at low degrees.


It is necessary to wash your clothes thoroughly after local intervention with each stain. Wash on low heat and cold mode. Vestel’s washing machine model W812T2TDS has 15 basic programs to help you remove unwanted stains from any type of fabric. We hope these tips can help you keep your favorite clothes. 

Article Author Vestel Georgia, 2022-05-27