Smart TV is such a vague term today that almost any TV with built-in internet and a few apps can boldly refer to itself as a smart TV. Because often smart systems are not so cleverly built into these TVs. Luckily, there are still pretty decent smart TVs on store shelves with amazing features that we should not forget about. So if you have a really good smart TV, out of the list of the 5 most important features here, most should have it:

  1. Fast user interface

One of the most essential features of a smart TV is speed. The amazingly fast interface allows you to do what you want to do in just a few seconds and not waste time waiting for the app to open, start the program, or boot. For example, the Vestel TV model 55U9600T is characterized by a powerful operating system, which ensures its fast operation.

  1. Video streaming services

Another unique feature of Smart TV is subscribing to online streaming video services like Netflix, Amazon Prime, HBO Now, and more. If you have fast internet access with these apps you will see lots of movies or TV shows very fast and in the best quality especially if your TV has 4K UHD access.

  1. Music

Listening to music If possible use it very comfortably on your TV. Especially if the TV is in the kitchen you can also prepare delicious food against the background of music. Not all smart TVs have apps for even the most popular services like Youtube, Spotify, and more. Check the Smart TV App Store to see if these apps are available. The Vestel TV model 55U9600T has an Android interface and any app can be downloaded from the Google app store.

  1. Universal Search

Finding a service or application is often a time-consuming task. Most smart TVs have a built-in search engine that searches for a specific movie, TV show, actor, genre, or other information.

  1. Share phone image on Smart TV

Different companies refer to it differently, such as "run", "casting", "second screen experience" or "flip and share". Whatever the name, sharing images from your smartphone or tablet to your TV is a must. With a compatible app on your phone or tablet, you can view photos, stream videos, and transfer content wirelessly from your smart device to your Smart TV.


In addition to the above, another feature that is useful for smart TVs is the wired Ethernet connection. Unlike the more common Wi-Fi connection that is built into most smart TVs, a wired connection is faster, more reliable, and can transmit more data. The Vestel TV 43F9510T model has this type of feature.

With the above features, your TV will be more comfortable and enjoyable to use.

Article Author Vestel Georgia, 2022-02-17