This summer has been one of the hottest summers and we all think about cooling down almost continuously. That’s why we have prepared some clever and simple ways to help you keep your home cool.

  1. Close the curtains

Always try to close the curtains in all rooms, especially on the north and west windows, so that less sunlight can come in and house will keep cool during the day. 

  1. Dehumidifying feature

If you have an air conditioner and use it actively, do not miss the Dehumidifying feature which a number of new air conditioners do have, one example of this is Vestel’s IACHR67FMDN. because it reduces the humidity level in the room, which easily reduces the feeling of stuffy air. 

  1. Choose a cool fabric

Cotton textiles are the most breathable fabric and help keep your body cool. Wear light, loose-fitting clothing that will be made from natural fabrics like cotton. It's also a good idea to choose natural cotton linens for your bed. 

  1. Replace the light bulbs

If you're having difficulties cooling your home and aren't sure why, it could be the light bulbs. Non-energy efficient light bulbs produce a lot of heat, so replacing them with energy efficient bulbs will help you cool your home and save energy.  

  1. Close the doors

Closing unused rooms will prevent the cool air from escaping during hot periods in areas of the house where you are less likely to be present during the day. In the evening it is good to cool the whole house in a natural way.


Wish you a chill and happy summer. and for those who are looking for air conditioners right now, you could check out our previous blog about 6 things you should know before buying one. 

Article Author Vestel Georgia, 2021-07-28