During the holiday season, a lot of leftover food is stored in the fridge creating chaos. To store food safely it is necessary to know a few important tricks. We want to share simple and necessary tips for organizing the refrigerator comfortably:

  1. Change your shelves so that you can place all the food comfortably.
  2. Store prepared food, prepared salads, and desserts on the top shelf. So they will be isolated from other foods.
  3. On the middle shelf is place your ready-made dishes that have already been prepared and are ready for heating.
  4. Place products that are easy to melt on the bottom shelf. That way, they do not contaminate the finished food during thawing.
  5. Storeless perishable items such as sweets and sauces on door shelves.
  6. As for leftovers, store them in shallow sealed containers and place them on the front of the shelf.
  7. In Vestel refrigerators, there is a special separate Fresh section where you can store fruits and vegetables separately. Keeping them in the Fresh section can retain useful vitamins.
  8. Finally, use special airtight bags to store food alive and in the freezer.

Hopefully, these tips will help you maintain order in your fridge.

Article Author Vestel Georgia, 2022-01-25