We can all agree that cleaning and washing winter jackets is tough. That's why we've put up a few guidelines to assist you in properly caring for and maintaining your jacket/coat. 


  1. Check the care instructions

Whenever you decide to wash a new purchase, read the instructions on it, which describe at what temperature or for what function it can be washed. This way you can avoid damaging its structure, changing its shape or size.

  1. Wash with cold water

When washing a winter jacket in the washing machine always choose the most delicate modes and wash with cold water, with any type of detergent. Also, the Vestel washing machine hand wash program ensures that sensitive clothes are washed at low temperatures and with a proper cycle.

  1. Zippers and washing machine

zippers s can often get stuck in the washing machine and damage it, so turn it inside out before washing. Remember that inverted clothing is the best way to protect the fabric so that it gets minimal damage to the outside when washing.


We hope this advice helps make your winter easier.

Article Author Vestel Georgia, 2021-12-27