Summer season is here which means it's time to get your kitchen fit for the season. Plus, on hot days, the gathering of friends and family members with delicious food and cold drinks make it even more special. Good cooking isn't enough to make everyone's favorite dishes, you'll need high-quality kitchen equipment. In this blog, we want to share with you the essential household appliances you'll need for your summer meals. 

  1.  Fridge/ freezer

A refrigerator is the most important piece of equipment in the hot season. Your fridge should meet all your needs. If you have frequent visitors make sure your fridge has a multi-cooling system and enough space to store your prepared meals and beverages. You will definitely find your desired option in the colorful models of Vestel refrigerator. New black model RM700BF3E/BL - Featuring NO FROST freezer, fruit, and veg fresh zone and multi cooling system. 

  1. Cooker stove

Cooking delicious meals requires a well-functioned cooker. The Westell cooker model C613 X features a combination surface and a mechanical control type. It has 8 cooking modes to make your dishes more delicious. 

  1.  Oven

Vestel's built-in oven model BO-8786B features some of the best features. You can cook up 4 different dishes at the same time without messing up the flavor, without having to change the position of the shelves while cooking. This allows you to cook more dishes in less time and use less energy. 

We hope this Family Tech makes it more enjoyable to spend quality time with family and friends, eat good food, and relax in the sun

Article Author Vestel Georgia, 2022-06-28