Keeping your appliances maintained for a long time all season, especially in the summer, is so important. We wanted to share some tips on how to mix different ones for the best result. 


Air Conditioners

Regular maintenance of air conditioners is very important in summer due to heavy load. Replace the filter and air conditioner deep cleaning before use. Remember, if you leave the house for a long time, turn off your AC. Make sure all windows and doors are closed when using it to prevent the AC from working too hard. 



Dishwashers actually work overtime in the summer. Your kitchen sink can quickly fill with dirty dishes after so many picnics, yard gatherings, and long days. The easiest way to clean them all at once is with the help of a powerful dishwasher. To keep your dishwasher working in the summer, don't overload it. Regularly clean the filter for any residue and food debris left on or under your dishwasher shelf. Even when not in use, close the dishwasher thoroughly to prevent dust from building up inside.

Most importantly, run the empty cleaning cycle regularly to maintain its longevity. Vestel dishwasher model DF585B, is the best choice for the busy season. The distinctive engine type and 8 main programs make it clean a large number of dishes ideally


During summer, the most used device in any home is a refrigerator. It stores fruit, ice, and summer snacks. That's why it's important to keep your refrigerator working properly in the summer, so you can avoid overloading it. The more food and drink you store, the harder it will be for the compressor to work. This can cause the food to spoil or freeze too much, which will eventually damage the compressor. Also, don't leave doors open and close them immediately after use. Every time a refrigerator door is opened and left open, the inside temperature decreases causing the compressor to work extra hard to maintain the initial temperature. Clean your refrigerator regularly to prevent contamination of the interior. If your fridge has an automatic ice dispenser, make sure it's really clean. 


Washer and dryer

In the summer months, everyone loves to go to the beach or to the pool. However, be careful before you put that heavy beach towel in the washer or dryer! Heavy loads like a reusable towel can load your washing machine, and when washing, this can cause excess pressure into the engine and damage its internals. Also, remember to leave the washing machine door open after every wash to avoid unpleasant smells.


 With these tricks, your equipment will be in full order in summer.

Article Author Vestel Georgia, 2022-07-18