Washing your dishes is much easier with a dishwasher. Yet there are still some tips and tricks that can make the process even more effective and better the results.


1. Move small utensils to the over the tines in the laundry bag

Small items such as bottle caps and kids' utensils might get lost during the cycle. So instead of placing them on the top shelves place them in the laundry bag. The mesh bag will keep them from being pushed around and lost. 

2. Make room between your silverware

While loading the dishwasher always make sure silverware is facing different ways. If you stack them closely it will be harder for the soap foam to reach them. Therefore make them face each other - put some upwards and some downwards so there’s more space in between them. 


3. Load the dishwasher as  soon as you’re done cooking

Wash all dishes as soon as you’re done preparing the food. The warmer the food particles, the easier it is to wash them off the dishes. So always wash them as soon as you’re done cooking. 

4. Wash in the correct order

Yes, there is a correct order to wash the dishes. You have to start from the cleanest. Firstly you should wash the cups to avoid any grease getting to them. Then - the plates and bowls. And lastly - the pots and pans. 


5. Don’t overload the dishwasher

Always avoid overloading the dishwasher! If it has more than necessary items inside it, it will be harder for the soap to reach them, and overall harder to get all the dishes fully clean. 

Article Author Vestel Georgia, 2021-10-24