You don’t have to have a large space in order for the kitchen to be as compact as possible. The main thing is to arrange everything correctly and cleverly. Here are 5 simple tricks that will help you smartly arrange your small kitchen.


  1. Do not install the kitchen island 

The kitchen island takes up a lot of space in the kitchen, instead, it is better to have a typical dining table (better to have it in the same color as the wall), so the space will appear larger and less crowded.


  1. Use built-in equipment

Built-in appliances save a lot of space in the kitchen and are visually pleasing. Therefore, in case of appliances such as washing machines, dishwashers, etc, it is better to consider the built-in option. A very wide selection of similar equipment has long been available at Vestel and you can purchase it now. 

  1. When choosing equipment, take the size into consideration

In addition to the other requirements you may have, it is important to consider the dimensions of the equipment for a small space kitchen from the beginning. We all know this, but it is easy to forget it when looking at a lot of options to buy a new item. Vestel offers a variety of options whether you have a small kitchen or a large one. 


  1. Use up the wall space

Hanging different items on the wall saves a lot of space in a small kitchen. Hang knives, utensils, kitchen towels, and other items on the wall and save space efficiently.


  1. Look for items that you no longer use

There are many items in the kitchen that we use very rarely or not at all - jams that you are not using yet, a set of knives that you do not actively use, perfume jars, and more. Always keep such items in drawers so that they take up less space on tables or shelves and create more space visually.


You'll find that saving space makes life easier and that you'll love your kitchen more. We hope you find these tips to be useful in that process.

Article Author Vestel Georgia, 2021-08-26