The Vestel Group comprises 24 companies, 16 of which are overseas. Key business areas include home appliances, consumer and automotive electronics, 5G infrastructure, battery technology, artificial intelligence and health care.                          


“We are expanding beyond Europe with our customer-focused approach and innovative designs and see opportunities for growth in Japan and other Asian markets,” shared Turan Erdogan, Vestel’s chief executive officer. 


The success of Vestel’s export business is underpinned by strong partnerships with leading Japanese technology brands.

In 2014, Vestel signed a European brand licensing agreement with Sharp Corp. that covered the entire development chain from manufacturing to sales and marketing. In 2016, the company signed a brand licensing agreement with Toshiba, boosting the growth of its smart TV business.


Vestel’s 20,000 employees include 1,800 research and development engineers, and they are helping to transform industries by delivering technologies and products. Every year, Vestel allocates 2% of its revenue to research and development, making the company one of the highest-spending R&D companies in Turkey.

“Our goal is to use the power of technology to facilitate human-oriented transformations across entire value chains,” Erdogan noted.

Article Author Vestel Georgia, 2023-03-13