We took our place for the 30th time at IFA, the world's leading Consumer Electronics and White Goods Fair, held in Berlin, on September 2-6. We exhibited our high technology, innovative and sustainable products, from refrigerators that remind the expiration date of foods, boil eggs in 4 different forms, and prevent food waste with vacuum storage conditions, to the battery, which we will use for the first time in our vacuums, in the Vestel area of 3,000 square meters.



Vestel CEO Turan Erdoğan underlined the drought and water shortages the world is facing and stated that they will safely carry consumers and our world to the future with Vestel, with the vision of Smart Life, with pioneering, sustainable, and economical household appliances.


Our own rechargeable vertical vacuum cleaner is among the products we introduced at IFA this year. With the Vestel S50 Rechargeable Vertical Vacuum Cleaner, which we design and manufacture entirely from domestic sources, you can vacuum for up to 80 minutes without interruption, or you can safely hang it on the wall with its magnetic apparatus. We are sure that our new rechargeable vertical vacuum cleaners, which dazzle with their ergonomic features, will soon make life easier for all of us.



When it comes to dishwashers, we introduce quality as Vestel. With the environmentally and user-friendly Dose-on technology we have implemented, we use less dishwashing liquid and water to save the future of the world. At the same time, we bring the high technology hygiene conditions required by the age to your kitchen. With PureBeam Pro+ technology, which is produced by using UV rays, you can dry disinfect all the tools and small technology devices you use daily in the sterile area we created in the third basket. In addition, with SonicWash technology in the third compartment included in the machine, it is also possible to clean sensitive products such as watches, glasses, and jewelry without limiting the machine's performance.


The new generation refrigerators developed by Vestel were among the favorite products of IFA this year as well. Our refrigerators, which offer the possibility to store foods by vacuuming, have managed to attract the attention of many companies around the world. With our new refrigerator model, which works with EggWiser technology, and can cook eggs in 4 different consistencies at the same time, it is possible to program in advance for breakfast. We protect nature with innovative and sustainable methods. We are willing to prevent food waste with Full Indoor technology and respect the journey of food that comes with a lot of effort from the producer to the end consumer. The EggMinder technology of the Full Indoor system monitors the amount and shelf life of the eggs in the refrigerator and provides information in green, yellow, and red colors according to the durability of the remaining eggs. With the IntelliShelf technology included in the Full Indoor technology, you can monitor the durability, freshness, weight, and lifetime of the food on the refrigerator door.


Our technological masterpiece air conditioners, which can calculate bills while cooling or heating the environment, warn you when the bill amount reaches the 80% limit. If any limit is exceeded, the air conditioners automatically switch themselves to the saving mode.



We are increasingly creating smart homes by integrating the Internet into white goods. We are making this dream come true with our Vestel Evin Aklı and VeeZy applications, which we developed on the way we set out with the vision of "A Smarter Life for Everyone with Vestel". Our Vestel Evin Aklı application will be the new smart assistant for your home in the domestic and our VeeZy application all over the world.

Article Author Vestel Georgia, 2022-09-28