On February 2, the International Day for the Protection of Wetlands is celebrated all over the world, which Georgia also joins.

We remind the reader that in 1971, the Convention on Wetlands of International Importance was adopted in Ramsar, Iran. Since then, International Wetlands Day, February 2, has been celebrated every year. The Ramsar Convention is the only international agreement that regulates a specific ecosystem and defines national actions and issues of international cooperation to ensure the conservation and wise use of wetland resources. 

Since 1997, every year, government services, non-governmental organizations, and representatives from all walks of life have participated in public awareness-raising activities regarding the importance of wetlands and the Ramsar Convention in general. 


Wetlands perform key ecological functions, regulating water regimes and sources of biodiversity at the species, genetic, and ecosystem levels. It is distinguished by great economic, scientific, cultural, and recreational importance; plays a vital role in mitigating and adapting to the effects of climate change; Its increasing encroachment causes irreparable damage to the environment and ecosystem; It should be restored where possible; It needs to be conserved for wise use.


It is a natural ecosystem with an ecological balance based on frequently or permanently flooded soils. These ecosystems can occur in places where there is fresh or salt water. Because of these characteristics, wetlands can support a large amount of biodiversity.

Article Author Vestel Georgia, 2023-02-02