Holiday - a word that in its essence evokes a feeling of happiness and exceptionally good emotions. Everything positive is associated with the holiday. This is how important New Year's Eve is, which we all meet with great anticipation and the best mood. The night that will make us feel the power of the miracle most strongly, which brings a positive aura, freshness, hope for the future. At this time, the past year is summed up, negative emotions are released and preparations are made for new adventures, experiences and feelings.

Here are 10 New Year's mood and positive movies:


Home Alone

A familiar and beloved New Year's movie about an eight-year-old boy who is forgotten by his family on Christmas vacation. A boy is left all alone in a big house, he tries to protect the house from two robbers, which creates comical situations. "Home Alone" received such a great response that 4 more parts were filmed, which tell us different stories, full of intrigue, positivity, traps and funny plots.


The Stone Family

Over the New Year's holidays, Everett decides to introduce his fiancée to his family, which causes quite a bit of trouble. On one side is the eccentric but hospitable Stone family, and on the other side - the fiancee, who is quite conservative. In the end, in the background of the festive mood in the film, a very interesting story unfolds with the participation of such actors as: Sarah Jessica Parker, Rachel McAdams, Dermot Marlon and others.


Love Actually

It is an extraordinary British film. As Christmas approaches, some separate from each other, others fall in love, and in the end, very positive stories are created. This movie with New Year's soundtracks, amazing actors and exciting stories really convinces us that miracles happen on Christmas Eve and fills us with a lot of positivity.

12 dates of Christmas 

A romantic comedy about a young Kate who tries to win back her old lover. He has 12 chances and will have to go on 12 dates before Christmas. The film is full of positive, New Year's mood and romantic elements.


The night before

The American comedy tells the story of three friends and their tradition of dressing up in strange sweaters and celebrating the new year. Events change and friends find themselves in funny situations.


Bridget Jones's Diary

Bridget, a 31-year-old lonely journalist, lives in a fictional world: she wants to find the love of her life and accept her handsome boss for it. At Christmas, she goes to visit her mother, who is trying to introduce her to lawyer Mark Darcy. She doesn't understand the story well at first, but as time goes by, she becomes interested in Mark. After that, his boss also pays attention.



A story about the chance meeting of two strangers. Sarah and Jonathan get to know each other while selecting holiday gifts at the supermarket. Sara writes her number in Gabriel García Márquez's book, and Jonathan writes his name on a five-dollar bill. Then their lives will go in different directions and they will continue their lives. What awaits the main characters after that?


True Love

Love... it is with us all the time. Christmas is another reason to say warm words to your loved one. In the film, you will see several love stories: women who catch their husbands cheating, the prettiest teenage girl in school, a single father with his son, etc. The magical holiday of Christmas unites their fate together.


Polar Express

No less interesting and engrossing film. The little boy does not believe in the existence of Santa Claus and does not like Christmas. At midnight before the holiday, he will have an extraordinary chance to get on the magic train and visit Santa himself. On the way he will have to overcome a very interesting adventure. Recommended viewing for both children and their parents.


A Christmas story

A kind and heartwarming tale with a happy ending. The story, written by Charles Dickens, tells the story of an impatient and miserly Kruger who managed to forget Christmas. The old man decided to become another person. The film teaches us kindness, courage and hope for the better.


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Article Author Vestel Georgia, 2022-12-26