surface type; gas burners; 4 electronic ignition; Yes gas control; Yes work surface; glass management direction; lateral Mechanical control; rotary switch Compatibility; LPG/NG/Liquid/Natural Gas compatibility; Product dimensions (HxWxD) 59x52x4.7 cm Warranty 2 years
Oven F66G31W
Surface type - white enamel 3 gas stoves + 1 electric Spark + throttle control Stand grid: enamelled metal Oven: top/bottom gas burning; lamp Gas control accessories: 2 enamelled plates 1 mesh tray glass cover Dimensions: 60x60x85 Warranty: 5 years
built-in stove; electric management type; Mechanical (rotary knob) screen type; mechanical clock modes of preparation; 8 lighting in the oven; 1 lamp deep tray; Yes mesh tray; Yes steam cleaning (VAP CLEAN); Yes body Black glass (retro style) Grease filter on fan: Yes Inner texture of the oven; Enamel Oven size (lt); 69 lt Product dimensions (cm) (HxWxD) 59.5 x 57.5 x 59.5 dimensions required for construction; (HxWxD) 60 x 58 x 60 energy efficiency class; A additional functions; Making yogurt, dried fruit, pizza and bread. Warranty 2 years
Refrigerator RM 400 TFZM BG
Color: Silver Refrigerator compartment: NO FROST Freezer: NO FROST Total Volume: 275 Lt. Fridge: 191 Lt. Freezer: 59 Lt. Control System: Mechanic Indoor lighting: LED Number of Doors: 2 Multi Flow Cooling System; Fresh Air Flow Temperature Range Cooling: +2°c to + 8°c Freezing: -24 Universal zone: (zero) 0 ° c + 2 ° c Fresh Zone:  Fruits & Vegetables Ice Maker Compartment Shelf: Strained glass (durability 40 kg) Dimensions (H/W/D) (mm): 165/54/63 Energy Efficiency Class: A+ Rolling Ice Maker Warranty: 5 years.
Refrigerator RN480 BFR3EI-BB
NO FROST Color - blue Volume; 341 lt refrigerator; 208 lt freezer 94 lt Color: burgundy design; Colorful retro style body painted steel number of doors; 2 temperature range refrigerator chamber; From +2°c to +8°c Freezer chamber; -18° number of shelves; 4 Number of drawers in the freezer; 3 Fresh zone; for fruits and vegetables. shelves; Tempered glass (strength 40 kg). sizes; 190/60/62 height/width/depth energy efficiency class; A+ noise level; 45 dB Warranty 5 years  
RM700BF3EL /GT/SN492
NO FROST total volume; 510 refrigerator; 309 lt freezer 128 lt LCD DISPLAY management; Sensory internal lighting; Led number of doors; 2 Multi Flow Cooling System; Multi cooling system degree range; cooling From +2°c to +8°c freezing -16°c to -24°c super fast cooling; Intense inflation up to 1 degree super fast freezing; universal zone; (zero) 0°c  +2°c Fresh zone; for fruits and vegetables. shelves; tempered glass (strength 40 kg) V-lift, V-shelf technology sizes; 188/70/70 height/width/depth Temperature maintenance time 18 hours. energy efficiency class; A+ noise level; 43 dB Warranty 5 years
C613 EG
oven electric upper part combined management type; Mechanical screen type; LED screen with touch controls surface cover glass; Yes modes of preparation; 6 electronic spark; Yes compatibility; LPG/NG Gas control on the surface: Yes lighting in the oven; 1 lamp Telescopic guide: 2 pieces convection; Yes timer Yes deep tray; Yes medium platter; Yes mesh tray; Yes skewer No body black glass the surface stainless steel stands; cast iron Storage room: Yes Oven size (lt); 61 lt Product dimensions (cm) (HxWxD) 85 x 60 x 60 energy efficiency class; A
Washing Machine WB 914L
Washing Machine W1014 TDS
Design Line (Series):  W 1014TDS • Maximum loading: 10 kg • spin: 1400 b/min Management: electronic (rotary button for selecting programs) Screen type; Digital LED screen with touch controls Handle: stainless steel • Door: nickel effect Main programs: 15 Cotton 90˚C; (Maximum temperature is indicated) Cotton; pre-wash at 60˚C Cotton Eco 60˚C (special program) Eco 20˚ C • Synthetics 40˚C •Wool at 30˚C Passing (cold) • Allergy Safe (children's clothes) 60˚C •Delicate/hand wash at 30˚C • Sportswear 30˚C • Mixed clothes at 30˚C • Shirts at 60˚C • Daily 60˚C - 60 min • Quick wash 30˚C - 15 min • Volume  (59 l) • energy efficiency; A+++ 215 kV/h/year • Warranty 5 years
• Main features • Product type: free standing •Screen type - LED screen •Number of programs: 6 • Maximum loading of dishes: 13 • Movable (adjustable) basket • Physical information •Product dimensions (cm) (HxWxD): 85 x 59.8 x 59.8 •Color: black • Performance/ consumption information •Energy efficiency class: A ++ •Water consumption per year (lt / year): 2520 • Super Active drying system •Drying class: A •Power (W): 220-240 / 50HZ • Water consumption (lt): 12 lt • Energy consumption per year (kWh / Year): 261 •Noise level (dBA): 47 •programs; • Pre-washing •Fast 30' •Quick wash 50' • Intensive washing at 65 ° C •Hygienic washing at 70 ° C •Eco Wash - halved loading mode • Fast cleaning • cancellation of the program; RESET • Postponement of the start • Warranty 5 years
Dish Washer DWA4510B3X
Type: Multifunctional Number of programs: 10 Display Type: LCD Display Stainless steel body: Yes Remaining Time Indicator: Yes Number of Place Settings: 14 Metal Filter: Yes Physical Characteristics Dimensions (H/W/D): 84,5 x 59,6 x 59,8 Color: Inox Color / texture: Inox Productivity / Consumption Information Energy Efficiency Class: A+++  Inverter BLDC Engine: Yes Water consumption per year (Lt / year): 2520 Drying system: Turbo drying Power (W): 220-240 / 50HZ Water Consumption: 9 Lt. Energy Consumption per year (kWh / Year): 189 Noise Level (dBa): 44 Drying Class: A Programs Eco 5.4 liters: Yes (world record) Steam washing program: Yes Super 50 minutes (65° C): Yes Double Professional Washing 60° C: Yes Auto normal 50-60° C: Yes Pre-wash program: Yes Quick wash with cannon 18 min (35° C): Yes Quick wash 30 minutes (40 ° C): Yes Auto 60-70° C: Yes Economical 50 ° C: Yes Auto 30-50° C: Yes Technologies Auto-door technology: Yes Smart Wash -Technology: Yes Extra Hygiene; Yes Water-box Technology: Yes Possibility of half load: Yes Possibility of silent washing: Yes Economical washing: Yes Additional drying function: Yes Quick wash: Yes Warranty: 5 years.