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• Inductive built-in surface
• 100% Vestel induction technology
• Surface: ceramic glass
• Touch control panel
• LED digital indicators
• Power adjustment with a slider sensor
• Fermentation function
• Chocolate melting function
• Hot storage function
• POWER BOOST: technology helps to quickly heat up the surface
• Automatic shutdown: yes
• Timer function: Yes
• Power: 7400 W
• Easy to clean coating.
• Voltage: 230-/400V, 3N~7400 W
• Product dimensions cm/sg: 59 x 52 cm
• Built-in dimensions cm/sg: 56 x 49 cm
• Functions
1. Boiling function: The temperature is locked at 100 degrees through the boiling function.
2. Warm storage: the product is stored in a warm state, the temperature does not exceed 50 degrees.
Frying function: the temperature is locked at 160 degrees and does not increase. The frying mode does not burn oil and maintains the same temperature
3. Chocolate melting function: the temperature is locked at 40 degrees to prevent the chocolate from spoiling.
4. Pause: the cooking process can be paused at any time and then resumed.
5. Button lock function: it is possible to lock the touch controls of the entire panel.
6. Auto Power Off: The surface will automatically power off if it is left on continuously for 90 minutes.
7. POWER BOOST: technology helps to heat up the surface quickly. Below is the difference compared to other types of surfaces.
4.5 minutes to heat the induction surface.
6.5 minutes to heat up the spiral surface.
7.5 minutes to heat up the gas surface.
Through POWER BOOST, 2 liters of water are boiled faster.
The induction surface is 30-40% more economical than the spiral one.
Warranty 2 years

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