The modern world is slowly moving to the production of environmentally friendly and environmentally friendly products, which in itself contributes to the harmonious coexistence of us, people and the ecosystem.

Driving the creation of future-proof technology, Vestel has introduced a whole series of ultra-efficient and convenient EV chargers for residential as well as public areas. Accessible via a smart charging application, the EV chargers offer 3.7kW, 7.4kW, 11kW and 22kW AC charging options. Designed for compatibility with all advanced management systems, they are also Type 2 IEC Standard compliant.


Vestel introduces modern, stylish and reliable EVC02 series.EVC02 series have full aluminum body, built for robustness and simplicity.IK10 rated EVC02 models offer the best impact resistance in the industry.OCPP over 3G provides interface to EV Charge management networks for commercial operations.Thanks to Wi-Fi compatibility, it is possible to control and monitor charging functionalities via the mobile app “Drive Green”


Vestel EVC03 series fast charger is an optimum solution for e-mobility requirements of today and the future. EVC03 provides continuous charging at full 60 kW for CHAdeMO and at full 120kW for CCS at the same time and provides up to 43 kW of AC charging solution for most common electric cars on the market. It has a modular and upgradable all in one design which reduces the installation cost for CPOs and with its advanced internet connectivity options of 4G (LTE), Wi-Fi and Ethernet. 


Vestel EVC04 series offer the best connectivity options including LTE, Wi-Fi, Ethernet and RS485 to fit all remote management functionalities via OCPP. Adjustable power control provides flexibility to support customized power setting at the installation site .Dynamic Load Management helps to balance electric grid power deviations and ensures all time smooth and seamless charging.


Vestel EVC05 series offers different connection features such as Ethernet, RS485, Wi-Fi, LTE with its adjustable dual 22 kW power. With the floor-mounted product, which includes all protection devices such as MCB and RCCB, users can connect to the charging station management system via OCPP interface. Charging service can be provided to the end user in public areas.

Article Author Vestel Georgia, 2023-01-23