Seasonal fruits ripen for a short time throughout the year so it's right to take care of it soon and if we decide to store it correctly. Each seasonal fruit usually requires special care to preserve its original flavor. Sharing some important steps of fruit preservation that will help you preserve your favorite fruit all-season or year long.


1. Cherries 

Cherries are the most delicious berries that everyone loves. During the season it is necessary to put them in the fridge if we are not going to eat them on the same day. Cherries freeze well and you can freeze in large quantities to use them as an ingredient in various cakes throughout the year. Vestel Refrigerator model RM 750TF3E-X’s Freezer offers super-fast freezing up to -32°C degrees. It ensures the original taste of the product is maintained. 

2. Strawberries

Strawberries are everyone's favorite fruit. When storing it is necessary to wrap them in a paper towel to absorb moisture. Vestel's No Frost Technology Refrigerator RN480 BFR3EI-RE is perfect for storing your favorite fruits and vegetables in the Fresh Zone. 

3. Peaches 

There are the early varieties of peaches that ripen in April-May. They are especially good for freezing and storing. Peaches need to be washed well, peeled, and dried so they don't go bad in the freezer. Store them separate from each other in the fruit section of the freezer. Vestel's refrigerator model RM700BF3EL/GT/SN492 features intensive freezing technology and freezes products equally. 


We hope these tips help you get your winter produce stocked up. Until then, I wish you a happy and warm spring.

Article Author Vestel Georgia, 2022-03-16