The kitchen at home holds a very large and important place. It should always be warm, friendly, and comfortable. This is why it is important to make small or big changes to the interior according to the season. In this blog, we share some interesting tips on how to organize your kitchen for spring. 

       1. Bring more colors to your kitchen décor. 

Playing with colors allows us to change up small details and bring new life to your kitchen. You can change out the sink mat, play with the furniture texture, and change the upholstery of the chairs. This way the space will appear more comfortable and warm.

        2. Use kitchen towels. 

Kitchen Towels can bring a whole different character to a room. Choose contrasting colors if your kitchen is bland and monochrome. In a busy kitchen, it is best to prioritize white tones. 

       3. Use the organizers.

Using cans has become particularly trendy. It also beautifies the décor and makes it much more comfortable to use the products that are very often needed on a daily basis.

       4. Live plants as part of the décor. 

As nature begins to awaken in spring, we too can add living elements to our kitchens. Put flowers in your kitchen and create a unique composition with other decorations, like books, candles, etc. 

         5. Use the dishes as part of the decoration. 

Handcrafted utensils are a great way to add a unique touch to your kitchen interior. 

         6. Match your technique to your interior. 

Appliances are an important part of the kitchen. Choose it according to the style you have chosen for your kitchen. At Vestel you'll find both modern styles, as well as rustic and colorful appliances. You can choose which one will suit your interior: model RN480 BFR3EI-RE red refrigerator with a distinctive design, or light beige RN480 BFR3EI-BG.

 Hope these tips will help you bring more fun and warmth to your kitchen

Article Author Vestel Georgia, 2022-03-23