It’s fall, we’re back to warm and comfortable clothes and we have to know how to take care of wool. Wool is a soft garment that needs extra care. For making sure your wool clothes look fresh after washing you have to know several things. For that reason we prepared 5 tips for you for washing wool in the washing machine:


  1. Wash wool on delicate / hand wash 30˚C.

Use a delicate wool mode that will wash the clothing gently and is specifically made for wool. If your machine does not have that specific regime, washing wool with a different delicate mode is fine.

  1. Use neutral, mild detergents

Using neutral detergent is essential, since it won’t harm wool and is made for this type of clothing.

  1. Wash wool inside out

Always wash wool inside out, since this way the fabric is safer and it will stay soft.

  1. Rinse it once more

When washing wool always add an extra rinse to the wash cycle. This will guarantee that wool will be washed most effectively. 

  1. Don’t wash wool with hot water

When taking care of wool always use cold temperatures. Don’t wash it with hot water since it will harm the fabric.


We hope these tips help you take better care of your favorite clothes.

Article Author Vestel Georgia, 2021-11-15