Vestel recently released his annual feedback

2022 year.

The report highlights progress and achievements over the past year, as well as future plans and goals.


For a company accountable and committed to transparency, the annual Secure Report is a communication tool about our activities.

In the report, you will find detailed information about Vestel, key figures, measures taken for sustainable development and

Corporate governance practices.


Sustainable development management

There are certain types of bureau rules and procedures.

The Sustainability Department reports monthly to the Executive Directors, after which the Sustainability Committee decides on an annual basis.

Vestel Group Sustainability Department and Initiative,

A working group has been created to deal with various issues such as environmental protection; social equality; technological development; Market cost and sufficient level of consumers.

Working groups are held monthly in the organization of control and coordination, the members of this group are experts and/or managers who are appointed as heads of different departments. They report to Vestel Group Sustainability to the commission.

Actively working on these issues in 2021 and continued at an accelerated pace until the end of 2022.

Human rights

Vestel Group operates under the UN's rules and regulations and is fully integrated into several issues. Declaration of fundamental human rights, civil and political rights, labor. Vestel Group is involved in the analysis of decisions made unanimously by international organizations. We have signed the International Covenant on Fundamental Principles and Economic, Social and Cultural Rights, which provides for human rights and the creation of an environment where they can freely express themselves, whether they think about different issues.

Vestel fully embraces a policy of human rights and ethical principles.


In line with the global agenda, Vestel aims to achieve net zero emissions by 2050, first in operations and then in its value chain.

Vestel took the first major step in 2021, when it published a letter on how to reduce and delay global warming, based on the creation of science and researchers.

This aims to produce animals that contain greenhouse gas emissions.

Our goal is to gradually transition to technologies that will support climate change, increase investment in renewable energy, produce products with high energy efficiency, low water consumption, few carbon emissions and almost zero environmental impact.

Renewable energy production

In 2022, Vestel produced 175 MWh of electricity.

The company installs a panel on the roof of the facility that distributes electricity to refrigerators and washing machines.

Vestel now plans to install 8,130 kW of solar panels on its roofs.

The drying plant and additional buildings were used to process 11,860

MWh of energy annually, with a low carbon emission of 5420 tons,

and aims to continue investing in renewable energy.

Vestel also implements circular models in order to maximize resources and does not represent the development of manufactured products in the environment.

Using FSC-certified, recycled material for Vestel packaging.

In 2021, FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified, 100% recycled cardboard was introduced in the packaging of Vestel Turkey refrigerators and dishwashers, in 2022 this practice is sold in Vestel brand translation home appliances, which are all products.

In 2022, Vestel saved 248,608 trees from cutting and processing.

In total, we used 14,624 tons of recycled cardboard to package white items.




to explore products and

through their sustainability score and life cycle

Implemented a sustainable supply chain master data project, including data for design and system infrastructure

developed events.

In addition, as part of the sustainability products within the Zorlu Holding creates reports that the logistics carbon footprint of the delivered shipments is released.

Article Author Vestel Georgia, 2023-08-22