Proper maintenance of the washing machine and performing a few simple steps will save you money and at the same time will extend the efficiency of the washing machine.

When using the washing machine, read instructions carefully and study its specific cycles and parameters. However, in addition to the features, it is important to consider a few simple issues that will help you maintain your washing machine.

  1. Check all pockets before washing

Leaving small items in the pocket of clothes, such as coins, keys, napkins, small toys, etc. spoils the car drum and often gets stuck in the passing tube, which is detrimental to the device. So before each wash, thoroughly inspect all pockets.

  1. Do not load the washing machine

Always read and follow the maximum load recommendations in your washing machine instructions. Rebooting the device can significantly reduce its performance. Washing machine drums have a specific weight limit and regular loading of your machine can cause engine damage.

  1. Do not use a lot of detergents

Excess detergent can cause dirt and mold and detergents stains on your clothes. Most washing machines have an arrow that indicates the number of detergents recommended for each load.

  1. Remove the washing machine from wet clothes soon

Do not leave wet clothes in the machine after the cycle. This way you will avoid unpleasant odors.

  1. Dry the inside of the machine after washing

Drying is especially important for front-loading washing machines to avoid unpleasant odors. So do not forget to leave the door open after each wash.

  1. Periodically clean the washing machine with hot water and vinegar

Turn on the hot water flow mode in an empty washing machine and add white vinegar instead of detergent. Wipe the interior with a wet towel to remove any dirt that may accumulate in the drum.


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Article Author Vestel Georgia, 2022-01-29