Re-organize your seasonal clothing is so important. However, before we keep our beloved clothes for 1 year, it is necessary to wash and dry them well. Often drying thick clothes is not easy and takes a lot of time. Don’t forget that warm, fluffy clothes must be dried very well so that they don't spoil and dry the fabric. In this blog, we want to share some simple and much-needed tips to help dry your winter clothes without damaging the fabric.

1. Run out of clothes at a high speed. 

In order for clothes to dry quickly, it is necessary to turn them on at a high speed when drying. Speed will help to draw water out of your clothes, which then allows them to dry faster.

2. Fold your clothes in a towel. 

An easy way to dry clothes is to fold them in a towel. Clothes wrapped in a fluffy towel so tightly will dry quickly and very well.

3. Use a clothesline or dryer.

Hang your clothes apart from each other. Make sure to hang each item individually so it has space and ventilation for quick drying. Periodically turn the clothes over to keep them dry evenly. If you use a dryer with separate strips, you can hang items on two strips.

4. Use a washer and dryer.

if you want to dry quickly, it is necessary to use a washer and dryer. Vestel dryer model TDH8GPT2 is distinguished by its special drying technology. It also has the function of drying linen, cotton, and synthetic.


These tips will help you dry your clothes easily and quickly without damaging the fabric

Article Author Vestel Georgia, 2022-04-27