Choosing a TV was a much simpler task before. However, with the advent of new audio and visual technologies and smart operating systems, this has become more  Before choosing a TV, pay attention to its various features. Now that the holiday shopping season has begun, we want to share with you the key features that will help you choose a smart TV.

  1. Screen size 

Determine in advance what size TV you need so that you do not waste time on different size TVs. Start by measuring the size of the room and the sofa. Do not forget that TV size is measured by the diagonal of the screen.

  1. Smart TV features

If you’re looking for a new TV, you can spoil yourself fully with getting Smart TV which has a much higher resolution and other features, such as the ability to connect to the internet by Wi-Fi or Ian cable, different apps for video and audio services, the ability to share smartphone or laptop screen wirelessly, etc.

  1. Sound system / Speakers 

The majority of TVs have stereo speakers. if you are a huge film or music lover, you should pay attention to several special sound systems, for instance, a couple of examples are:

DTS - Digital theatre system. DTS TruSurround - This is used for movies, makes high-frequency sound clearer, it also creates a high bass effect. It also makes the speech and dialogues clearer.

Dolby Atmos - This created a 3D audio effect. The sounds come not only from the front and side placing but from the top which creates a more realistic 3D effect and so on.

  1. Software and applications 

Smart TVs need a smart operating system to run applications to maintain compatibility of various functions and accessories. That is why when choosing a TV, pay attention to its operating system. For example, the Smart Tv operating system includes features of vast variety. Apps integrated with Smart TV consist of NETFLIX, AMAZON PRIME, YOUTUBE, VESTEL SMART CENTER (that connects mouse and keyboard), and much more.


We hope these tips help you to choose a TV of your liking and get the most out of the viewer experience. 

Article Author Vestel Georgia, 2021-12-06